The Primrose Trilogy #02 IMPROPER ORDER

Diary-style fiction with superb style and humor

Book #01 shortlisted for CBI Awards(2011)

Book #03 shortlisted for EU Prize for Literature (2015) and shortlisted for CBI Awards (2015)

It’s all most improper. Ciara has stopped eating her hair and is practically married to Syzmon. Even Ella has fallen for someone who is not a cat or a ferret. And Joel and Kevin are going for coffee after Mixed Martial Arts, but it isn’t like a date or anything, but wouldn’t it be great if it were?
Eh … no, actually, that wouldn’t be great at all.
Can Prim defeat the evil Karen, find True Love (and cake) but without losing her best friend – and get to be a cruciverbalist? And how come the dog is called Wayne Rooney?
The follow-up to Bisto-shortlisted Prim Improper, this diary-style novel is a real treat for fans of Sarah Webb, Anna Carey and Louise Rennison. Funny, smart and touching fiction from an exciting writer with a fresh voice.