The Power of Mindfulness for Family Caregivers

Self-care and practical help for relatives of dementia patients

There are many advice books about dementia sufferers – but there has not yet been one that focuses on the family members who have taken on the difficult and stressful task of caring for them. Katrin Beckmann, who sees herself as a dementia coach for caretakers as well as people with dementia, fulfills this need with her first-aid guide. She combines the benefits of mindfulness with self-care for the family members of dementia patients, and she offers an approach suitable for everyday life, one that is easy to learn through uncomplicated exercises. As Katrin Beckmann says: “It doesn’t work without you!” because an exhausted, unwell, and overstressed relative is unable to provide adequate care. In addition to self-care, the knowledgeable advisor gives valuable tips on how relatives can respond to dementia sufferers so that it becomes and remains a good experience for both sides.

· The first guide for family caregivers focusing on their own well-being

· Effective self-care with simple mindfulness exercises convenient for everyday use