The Power of K

"Jens Vern sucks you into the world of data security - a sinister, life-threatening world. Exactly the type of plot I love!"
(Charles den Tex, author)

"A fabulously well-written and riveting thriller. The short chapters generate great tension with their changing perspectives. It isn't only an extremely exciting story, but also one that adresses an important and timely subject: what are big tech companies doing with our data?"
(Jeroen Windmeijer, author)

When Tim Turner gets hired by the prestigious Keeler Company in Washinton, just after graduating university, he isn’t quite sure what is happening to him. He gets an IT-job, a luxury apartment, a fantastic salary and a very quick promotion. But then he meets a mysterious person who calls himself The Friend. This enigmatic man warns him about the dark side of the company. Tim decides to do his own research and discovers that strange things are happening in The Keeler Company and that critical staff members are disappearing.

Once Tim finds out that he is in danger, The Friend helps him obtain a new identity and escape to The Hague, where he can start anew. He feels safe there, until he meets the impressive Emily Green. She turns out to have more in common with Tim than he thinks.

Whom can you trust, when nothing is what it seems? And can you ever really escape your past in this day and age?