The Philosophy Resistance Squad

A blend of thrilling fiction and philosophical dialogues with a message about the importance of critical thinking skills.

‘This book is a curious, exciting marvel … An adventure that asks the hard questions and fights the good fight; bold, brave, unusual and really makes you think!’ – Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories

‘To be able to gift your child a basic grounding in philosophy for less than a tenner is, I have to say in distinctly non-Socratic terms, mindblowing.’  –  Anne Cunningham, The Meath Chronicle

‘A dramatic adventure, with an engaging helping of philosophy on the side.’ – Sara Keating, The Irish Times

Milo starts secondary school at the prestigious Secondary Training Institute for Lifelong Employment. But he quickly discovers this is an unpleasant and oppressive institution presided over by the wicked Dr Pummelcrush – whose mission is to crush the students’ capacity for free thought.
Then Milo meets Ursula, an old art teacher and a philosopher. Using the philosophical technique of Socratic dialogues, she teaches Milo to ask hard questions and use analytical thinking to undermine Pummelcrush’s evil scheme of turning the students into perfect mindless employees of the STIFLE Corporation.