The Osteoarthritis Myth

Why people are suffering needlessly – The sensational self-help program

The revolutionary diet and exercise therapy

Osteoarthritis, or arthrosis, is the world’s most common joint disease and source of one of the most common pain symptoms. Many people believe that osteoarthritis is genetically determined and thus incurable.

The pain specialists Liebscher and Bracht are convinced otherwise. Recent studies have shown that degenerated cartilage can be regrown through proper nutrition, stretching, and pressure point massage. These renowned therapists also maintain that the alleged pain of osteoarthritis is caused by tension of the surrounding tissue.

This book explains how we can reverse the course of osteoarthritis. It offers a highly effective regeneration program that includes numerous illustrated exercises and detailed recommendations for the proper diet.

• Two renowned pain specialists with a completely new approach for curing osteoarthritis

• Osteoarthritis is curable

• Highly effective regeneration program with many exercises