The Ophelia Bloom School for Magical Creatures

A tribute to loving yourself as you are, with your own defects and qualities, getting to know your limits and your points of strength.

The Ophelia Bloom School for Magical Creatures is open to all those young peoploe who, for various reasons, do not feel accepted and understood in other schools. Children for whom human life has never been easy, but who become true prodigies when they assume their magical forms. Tea is a newly-arrived and extremely powerful dyslexic witch. here at the school, she meets the best friends she could ever imagine and encounters great challenges and fearsome enemies.

An important novel that deals with the theme of disability and illness in adolescents, turning the common notion that they are weak and deserving of pity on its head. On the contrary, the challanges they have had to face have made them strong, resolute and courageous.