The Nightmare Club #01

‘These are scary but also funny stories. … The books are illustrated with macabre black ink drawings and the gothic eerie appearance is maintained throughout.’ Books Ireland First Flush

‘Four perfectly horrid tales, guaranteed to goosebump the 7-10-year-olds. … great fun!’ Teresa Doran, BooksIreland

‘Ranging from the unsettling to the gruesome, the stories (in these four volumes) know how to build up tension and pack a punch. There’s also plenty of humour, enough to make you laugh … nervously.’ Bookfest 2011-2012 Recommended Reads 5-8

‘a colourful, attractive series … fun.’ Inis magazine

‘… the books are great … truly creepy, but great.’ Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories blog

‘(these) bring back some of that delicious thrill that marks a really good ghost story. … well written and highly entertaining.’ Des Kenny, Galway Advertiser

Did you ever hear that telling a nightmare makes it fade away? It doesn’t. Not here anyway. Welcome to the Nightmare Club’s Halloween Sleepover. You might not last till morning.

This is the story Jack told. His older brother Stephen was a great friend … until he started to change.

His smell.

His face.

His friends.

His diet.

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