The Natural Order of Money

“[The Natural Order of Money] has given me a lot to think about. It’s beautifully written and a beautiful book.”—Jordan B. Peterson

“[An] illuminating treatise.”—Publishers Weekly’s Booklife

“The Natural Order of Money gives a humble yet hopeful way forward for individuals and for the economy worldwide.”—Engelsberg Ideas

“An incisive reconsideration of macroeconomics.”—New Polity

“Sebag’s book is very taut and beautiful: his central thesis is to explain and demonstrate why gold became the "natural money" of humanity.”—John Waters, author of Jiving at the Crossroads

“The Natural Order of Money provides those who are critical of the modern capitalistic system, and those who are environmentally conscious, with an economic theory that prioritizes equitability and sustainability.”—Business Matters Magazine

What is the true cause of inflation, wealth inequality, and our collective disregard for ecological accountability?

In The Natural Order of Money, author and entrepreneur Roy Sebag expertly explores the intrinsic relationship between people, money, and nature by asking a few simple questions: Why do we, in our modern society, expect food as if it were a given? What initially makes cooperation between the farmer and other members of society possible, and what, in the long run, renders it sustainable?

The solution, laid out clearly in these pages, affirms the vital importance of farmers and the food that they harvest and argues that only a natural money can serve as the concrete means of assuring lasting prosperity.

In a time of uncertainty plagued by inequality, inflation, shortages, and environmental stress, The Natural Order of Money pierces the fog of financial elitism, equipping readers with a compass to find True North in a sea of economic confusion.