The Ministry of Responsibility

20 Survival Strategies for Women Struggling to Reconcile What They Want To, Sould and Have To Do

A practical guide for how to overcome the daily madness of these confusing times

«You’re a woman. You are the Minister of Responsibility, because you can do everything. And if you can do everything, you become responsible for everything. Your talents are in demand as never before. But there’s a catch: on the one hand, you want to – and should – work, earn money, hit the ground running; on the other, you’re supposed to care for, love, and be attentive to others. This dichotomy of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ forces you to go into battle mode. You struggle with your own decisions, thoughts and feelings, as well as with the desires, goals and opinions of other people – and the result is anger, stress, fear, doubt, and a pain in the neck!»

In this book, Rebekka Reinhard provides 20 much-needed strategies to lighten the load. An inspirational instruction manual for navigating this contradictory world with aplomb: from dealing with everyday problems to turning your dreams into reality, beyond libertarian feminism.