The Lowest Common Reality

True, false, plausible? The biggest topics of discussion are scientifically examined

Facts, scientifically founded and clearly proven, are worth their weight in gold. Particularly when fake news, conspiracy theories or half-truths control the public discourse and an objective debate is no longer possible.

Science journalist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim clears up this state of affairs for the biggest topics of discussion. Seductively clear-sighted and wonderfully entertaining, she presents what cannot be objectively disputed and upon what we can agree. Moreover, she makes it clear where the facts stop and the scientific proof is lacking – where we can therefore completely rightly discuss our personal opinions with each other.

An interesting and informative reality check, the best fake news detector for our post-fact age.

Topics: coronavirus and the relationship between politics and science; gender pay gap; homoeopathy and alternative medicine; sex and gender; compulsory vaccinations and big pharma; drugs; inherited intelligence; climate change and climate scepticism; video games and violence; scientific consensus.