The Little Lady

"The author reveals those concealed worlds that are to be discovered around ourselves with a bit of imagination. A delightful book." Erziehungskunst (The Art of Raising Children) – Waldorf Pedagogics Today

"Mary Poppins in the yard of the pretzel house. The book is not only great fun for little girls; adventurous boys will also love The Little Lady from page one and start to pay more attention to those little details in the world around them." - Dortmunder Zeitung

"No matter where we are – The Little Lady is the perfect book for children to read and for adults to read to their children this summer." - Eselsohr

"Stefanie Taschinski narrates a wonderful story about the little things in our lives that can turn into big adventures if we give them enough space to do so. The Little Lady is full of out-of-the-ordinary ideas and stimulates young readers to start on their own tours of discovery. (...) That and the beautiful illustrations by Nina Dulleck and the sturdy paper make this children’s novel a true little piece of artwork you will want to give away as a gift many times." - Bulletin Jugend & Literatur   

"The Little Lady is a book written and illustrated with lots of TLC and ideal for reading by or to children and for dreaming. Delightful!" - Westfälische Nachrichten

Amost 300.000 copies sold only in Germany!

When Lilly and her family move into the old house with the golden pretzel, she has no idea that a magic neighbour lives in the mysterious backyard. The Little Lady keeps a chameleon that is 1000 years old; she can make herself invisible and masters all kinds of magic tricks – but most of all she loves to play pranks on others! So a summer filled with wonderful adventures begins for Lilly.