The Grumble Diet

A Relaxed Parent-Child Relationship in 7 Steps

"Jesper Juul encourages us to provide our children with clarity and stability. This works best when we are at peace with ourselves."
Daniela Gaigg and Linda Syllaba

Family life without grumbling and shouting

No one wants it, but everyone does it: grumbling. It damages the relationship between parent and child and, on top of that, is just a complete waste of energy. This book shows that there is a different way: in 7 steps, it provides a lasting solution for families to treat each other with respect and on equal terms. As the weeks go by, it gets easier to discard old behaviour patterns and achieve a relationship-oriented, more loving coexistence in which the needs of both parents and children are satisfied.
The book contains background knowledge and expert opinions from psychology and family research, personal reports from the daily lives of the authors and other families, along with plenty of space for noting down your own insights and thoughts.

• Instructions on how to stop grumbling
• For readers of Jesper Juul
• Overcoming perfectionism
• With space to write down your own thoughts and ideas