The Great Wish

A daughter disappears. A father in despair sets off for a dangerous journey to Syria.

«Sherko Fatah tells the most exciting and tension-filled stories in German literature.» FAS

Sensitive and insightful, this is a heartbreaking story set against the backdrop of the conflict in the Middle East.

A daughter has disappeared. She has travelled to Syria to marry a jihadist she met online. Her father Murad blames himself. If he had only told Naima more about his old homeland, which he has left behind mentally, as well as physically; if only he had paid more attention to her feelings of alienation – perhaps then she wouldn’t have gone to a strange country in the name of religion. Murad knows he must find Naima. He contacts human traffickers and travels to the Kurdish territory on the Turkish-Syrian border, where he comes face to face with his past. When the traffickers play him an audio diary recorded by a woman in Raqqa – probably Naima – Murad sets out on a perilous journey into ISIS territory…

For readers of Serhij Zhadan, Olga Grjasnowa and Orhan Pamuk.