The Forbidden Hour

Is this how love happens? With no warning, like a sudden change in the weather?

A novel that tastes of summer and first kisses.
A delicate, authentic and engaging love story, the sort that makes you dream and lose yourself in it.
A story on teenage themes: the meaning of love and why it’s the opposite of possession; the fear of growing up and changing; the need to let yourself go; relationships with parents and friends.

Philomena, 13 years old, returns to the seaside house that used to belong to her grandmother. She has trouble accepting her grandmother’s death and the only way she can make all her anger go away is by wandering outside in the early afternoon hours. It’s the so-called “forbidden hour”, when the sun shines at its peak and you’d better stay inside and rest, because strange things might happen…
That’s when Philo meets Damien: who is this boy who stirs up so many feelings
in her? Why doesn’t he have a shadow, like a demigod? While Damien’s mystery slowly unfolds, Philomena learns to let go and enjoy every second of her life.