The First Time Ever

Various authors

12 unforgettable moments. 12 short stories to experience the thrill of the first times.

The first time we fall in love, the first time we travel alone, the first time we feel cheated on, the first
time we say no, they first time we kiss or work. There is a season in life when we face many “first
times”, teenagers know it well: will they be ready to jump into life?
Ten amongst the best Italian writers and two beloved graphic novelists took a snapshot of these unforgettable moments and of the emotions they carry along.


Pierdomenico Baccalario – The First Time We Have Been Cheated on;

Alice Basso – The First Time I Dumped a Girl;

Fausto Boccati – The First Time I Recognized Him;

Francesco D’Adamo– The First Time I Smoked;

Zita Dazzi – The First Time I Hit on Somebody;

Antonio Ferrara – The First Time I Saw The Sea;

Beatrice Masini – The First Time I Said No!;

Tommaso Percivale – The First Time I Kissed;

Fabrizio Silei – The First Time I SkippedSchool;

Annalisa Strada – The First Time I Worked.

Giulia Sagramola – The First Time I Travelled Alone;

Antonio“Sualzo” Vincenti – The First Time I Felt Rich.