The Crossing

An inspiring modern-day fable that will touch all who read it. A journey between reality and dreams.

Stormy night. A boat runs aground near the coast. Castaways come ashore, frightened. They flee. A backpack remains in the sand, it belongs to a child, Omar. The old fisherman Ezechiele, accompanied by his nephew and the puppy Spaghetti, decides to make the «crossing» across the sea, to return the backpack to his mother and reassure her that her baby has arrived safely on our shores. Ezekiel feels he has to do it, he feels he has to make that journey in the name of sharing, brotherhood and the importance of small gestures. The strange company begins an adventure that will lead them to the melancholy Island That Never Is, to face the open sea, and finally to find a way to communicate in a completely unknown country.