The Cat Couldn’t Care Less

“I’m no different than I was. All I did was figure out that there’d been a mix-up.”

Leo has a new name: Jennifer. Jennifer doesn’t know how she learned what her real name is, but she is very glad to have finally woken up one day being aware of it. It is like something that helps you to sleep better. It’s just that the adults don’t understand at first. Actually they still think that she should be Leo, the boy. This perspective isn’t shared by Gabriel, Anne and Stella, the best friends in the world and loyal companions in all things involving skipping school, trying on clothes, and finding yourself. They prefer to model their actions on the example set by the cat. It is neither happy nor sad about Leo’s new name. It couldn’t care less.

Hearty and cheerful – not constructed as a problem story – Franz Orghandl tells the tale of Jennifer, a transgender child whose story reflects what is truly important in life.