The Big Book of Emotions

In today’s world, it is hard to make time or find room to experience our emotions – and yet they determine every aspect of our actions. These two renowned experts in the field of emotional knowledge give you the courage to explore your inner feelings, and make it fun and interesting. Emotions can be wonderful, they can be dangerous, they might be suppressed – but if you accept them for what they are, you gain a valuable insight into your own personality, your history, and your development.
Both experts present the range of important emotions that we experience, explain why we have them, what purpose they serve, and how we can live a life in which we consciously experience them. The authors provide tips and advice, and encourage the reader to actively pursue self-knowledge and to find inspiration in passages collected from literature and philosophy.

Content: Desire • Blame • Fear • Security • Frustration and Anger • Loneliness
• Dignity • Stubbornness • Grief • Belonging and alienation • Empathy • Loyalty and betrayal • Joy and happiness • Curiosity • Interest and passion • How can we love?