The Author’s Cats

Written by Muriel Barbery

A delightfully light-hearted read about the eternal poetry of daily life, sparkling with feline humour and Japanese philosophy, enriched with Maria Guitart’s delicate and cheerful illustrations.

A writer… what a mysterious being! Through the voice of her female cat Kirin, Muriel Barbery unveils what goes on in the wings of literary creation, and the little-known role of her four velvety-pawed Friends, her four Chartreux cats. Like all cats, they spend their days meowing, eating and sleeping… but they do have one particularity: they watch over their beloved writer, always there to calm her anxieties, comfort her doubts and advise her, with the gesture of a paw or a gentle purr. Not content with their simple status as companions in relaxation, they have extended their devotion to learning to read, guiding their author-mistress in her writing.