The Art of Leading Collectively

Co-creating a sustainalbe, socially just future

Our world is facing unsustainable global trends – from climate change and water scarcity to energy insecurity, unfair labor practices, and growing inequality. Tackling these crises effectively requires a new form of leaderschip – a collective one.

In this book readers learn how to tacklew system change for sustainable development, reimagine leadership as a collaborative endeavor, retrain leaders to work collectively, and manage diverse groups through a change process that has sustainability as a guiding focus.

Drawing upon two decades of pioneering, internationally recognized work orchestrating multi-stakeholder initiatives, Kuenkel presents her chies fool, the Collective Leadership Compass, and shows other show to use it with large groups of diverse stakeholders to solve complex, urgent problems – particularly those that enmesh business activities, governance, human needs, and environmental impacts.