Switch you

When Fred fi nally gets a smartphone, he’s deeply disappointed: it’s only got one app.

But, he quickly notices, this one app is very powerful: with a single tap, he can beam himself in and out of his brother’s body.
But what does his brother have to do with the gangsters who robbed Fred’s best friend, Svetlana? Fred has only four attempts and 24 hours to find out …

With the start of his series, Mario Fesler offers his readers a ton of reading fun – and not only for nerdy smartphone fans!

For me, “Switch you” was an opportunity to write about empathy with lots of humor and excitement. I think we all can, and should, leave our comfort zones more frequently so we can see things from different points of view.
If that’s an entertaining experience in “Switch you”, maybe readers will dare to do it more often in their own lives. – Mario Fesler