Summer Girls

‘The realistic take on police life and its sparse, straightforward language only enhance the pace and tension of this debut. Let’s hope this becomes a series!’ Hebban

‘For this highly enjoyable novel, the author’s own experiences as a profiler and a police chief must have inspired her. You will not be able to put it down!’Vrouwenthrillers

‘A promising debut. This ought to be a series.’Passie Voor Boeken

‘A true pageturner.’

‘A masterfully written and compelling thriller that gives a very realistic insight into the world of the police and the ways they track serial killers.’ Jan Wilzing, former police chief

‘Summer Girls is proof that a story about a creepy serial killer can take place outside of the big city. A beautifully constructed police thriller.’ – Carlo Schippers, police behaviourist

Young detective Lot van Dijk is terribly disappointed when she has to move from bustling Amsterdam to rural Twente: she is exiled to the sticks, where nothing ever happens. She is bored out of her mind, until during one of her night shifts, the body of a teen girl is found in a shack in the woods.

Lot quickly realizes that they are dealing with a twisted serial killer’s imagination. She knows that he will strike again and she cannot wait to start her first case as an actual profiler. Her male colleagues, all of them sceptics, do not make it easy for her. But then, a second victim is found and now, the rest of the force will have to listen to her.

Summer Girls is a nerve-racking psychological thriller about a young profiler who delves into the psyche of a serial killer. The deeper she delves, the closer she is to the truth. And that’s when the danger starts…