Sounds Good!

50 instruments and how they sound

The cello, triangle, digeridoo and many other quiet and loud instruments

How do an Alpine horn, a bassoon and a sitar sound? Which instrument has only one note? And with which can you go from beginner to virtuoso in just 30 seconds? This amusing and instructive picture book introduces 50 instruments as the accordion and vibraphone to the balalaika and ukulele. Along the way, there are many interesting facts, practical tips and quirks to be learned about instruments and playing music. For example, that the violin has four strings and the piano 88 keys. Where the name saxophone comes from or that the tuba is made of 10 metres of brass. Illustrated beavers, ducks, goats and other animals set the tune. All 50 instruments can be heard via QR code in specially composed pieces.

Encourages children to play an instrument

With 50 audio examples, played by professionals

To discover, listen to, learn and laugh