Snot: a week or seven days

"The last literary hit. No kid resists to any scatological issue, even less if it comes from this author, ho is a master in humor and knows how to connect with kids" - Club Peques Lectores.

"Families will find in this book a survival guide to colds, which we hope, will make this period of 'a week or seven days' more bearable" - Faros. Hospital Sant Joan de Déu


Children use to get a cold between five and twelve times a year.

Uncle Oscar agreed to stay with me while my parents went away. The problem was that I begun to sneez and he didn’t knew what to do. That’s why he called the doctor. And that’s what he recommended:

  • Rest (to rest a lot and sleep good)
  • Drinking a lot of water and liquids (soups, juices,…)
  • Having a lot of tissues besides you
  • If you have temperature or you feel bad, then take ibuprofen or paracetamol
  • And patience. Lots of patience.

But after the phone call my uncle disappeared and a superhero called Mucus (suspiciously similar to Oscar…) appeared and told me a lot about virus, snots, pillows…