Sisyphus in Management – Book #02

The Futile Search for the Optimal Organizational Structure

More than 10.000 copies sold of this trilogy in Germany!

This book explains why attempting to reconcile the contradictions in organizations is futile. The often praised Holy Grail of organization – the perfectly functioning company – will never be found. Drawing on central management topics such as hierarchy, markets, group work, quality, mission statements, and reorganization, Stefan Kühl elaborates the paradoxes of modern management and points out the undesirable side effects that arise as a result of striving to achieve optimal organizational structure. Sisyphus in Management shows that often, as if by an invisible hand, organizational realities form structures that lie beyond the intentions of management. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the actions of management are arbitrary. On the contrary, the potential and limitations of managerial action can only be demonstrated through an understanding of organizations that goes beyond recipe books and PowerPoint presentations.