Series What a Story

With the idea of introducing our youngest readers to the great events that have formed the world we live in.
Each book presents a novel abour a different episode of our History with thre rhythm and  lightheartedness typical of adventure stories. The many color illustrations enthral the eye and involve the readers in a breathtaking journey through far-off epochs and distant countries.

#01: The erup tion of Pompeii by Davide Morosi notto
#02: The si nking of the Titanic by Elisa Puri celli Guerra
#03: 1969: The firs t man on the moon by Chris tia n Hill
#04: The pyra mids of Egypt by Jacopo Olivieri
#05: India ns and cowboys by Guido Sgardoli
#06: King Arthur and the Knigh ts of the Round Table by Pierdomenico Baccalario