Series Preschool Problems #01: Lady Birds Do Not Go To Day Care

A brilliant new series about all the big problems faced by our littlest people

Ladybirds Do Not Go to Day Care is the first book in a major new preschool series from Bright Light, Preschool Problems. Each title in the series will focus on a young child overcoming their fear or concern about a new activity that initially feels scary but isn’t scary at all once they learn to do it. This series is perfect for all new parents who are facing these new experiences with their young children. These books will help children to find their courage and recognise that these new activities aren’t nearly as scary as they might first feel.

It’s Ravi’s first day of day care and he’s dressed up as his favourite bug. But Ravi is feeling unsure about day care and is quite certain that ladybirds do not go to day care. In fact, this ladybird would much prefer to stay home and eat aphids, thank you very much! Can an anxious and unsure Ravi find the bravery he needs to take flight? Of course!

This is a spirited, funny, and empowering picture book to gently encourage even the most nervous of children to spread their wings and try something new.

The first book in the series ends on an adorable Easter Egg: in the final scene we see Ravi playing with three new preschool friends who have also dressed up as their favourite animals; a kitten, a crocodile, and a butterfly. These are the kids who will star in the future books in the series.