Ruby Fairygale

#1: The call of the magic creatures

In a small island near the West coast of Irland, lives 13-year-old Ruby with her grandma.

Her grandma teaches already Ruby to be a vet, as she and her grandaughter share a very important secret. Both of them take care not only of all the animals in the small island but also of all its magic creatures.

Ruby loves her life and taking care of all the animals and creatures, but she longs for a best friend, she could rely.

One day misterious Noah appears in the island bringing the summer with him, and Ruby will have to decide, if she can trust him or not, as the magic creatures are in danger.

Kira Gembri managed to unite in her first childrenbook series, adventure, magic, a great setting and well-constructed characters. As a results, an unforgettable pageturner witha a strong protagonist and real Irish myths and legends.