Rim and the Liberated Words

For all those 'who know that words are alive and need our care'

Try to imagine a world where words do not belong to everyone, but are strange little creatures that live in cages and are bought at the market. A world where only the rich can afford the luxury of using strange and complicated terms, no one can read and write, school does not exist and neither do books. A world where many things cannot be said, simply because you do not have the words to say them.

This is the world of Rim, a curious little girl who, like the other inhabitants of her village, does not even suspect that things might be different. Everything changes, however, when she comes across a bizarre old man dressed in rags and without teeth. His name is Witzold and he is about to drag her into an incredible adventure.

Among giant watermelons, powerful sorcerers and magic spells, Rim will discover what terrible secret is hidden in the past of her kingdom and in the highest tower of the castle. But above all she will encounter many, many words, starting with the most important of all: freedom.