Requiem for a Friend

1.1 million copies of the novels by the Spiegel bestselling author sold in German-speaking countries.

"Elisabeth Herrmann is particularly good at playing with German history." - Jan Josef Liefers (17.12.2019)

Two mysterious suicides take Vernau back to his own past – with deadly consequences …

Public prosecutor Carolin Weigert is on the verge of exposing a huge bribery scandal when she suddenly and unaccountably dies. Years later the finance authorities send an auditor to check on Berlin lawyer Vernau. Shortly afterwards the man is lying shot dead in Vernau’s office.

The police work on the assumption it was suicide, but Vernau has his doubts – especially when he finds out that the man was secretly doing investigations for the dead public prosecutor. A web of corruption and violence extends up to the highest circles in Berlin, and Vernau is targeted by the shadow men who eliminate anyone who gets in their way …

This is the 6th. volume of the series featured by lawyer Joachim Vernau