Red Tears

My name is Jules Quentin and this is a testimony to how I died. You may be wondering how come I am here writing if… well, if I am dead. I will get there, don’t worry. Everything will be answered.

Jules Quentin has recently lost her little brother Luke and is not giving herself peace, because she was with him when the accident happened and perhaps could have saved him. In the throes of an almost impossible return to normality, Jules resumes attending university and her friends Gabriel and Hannah.

One morning, in literature class, Jules meets Kai, a boy as obscure as darkness, with a rough and cheeky beauty. Jules immediately realises that he is not to be trusted. But even if she does not want to, something binds their destinies. Something monstrous and chilling, which threatens Jules’ life and from which, perhaps, Kai can save her. That is, if he himself is not the cause.

Also trying to protect Jules is Kai’s brother Vik, who unlike him is blond as the sun, and like the sun he is warm, kind and protective. Catapulted suddenly into what seems like a hellish nightmare, Jules finds in Vik a foothold, a glimmer almost as bright as an impossible love. But both brothers conceal disturbing secrets from the dark ages, and they seem to know something about Jules that she does not yet know. And that will, once again, turn her existence upside down.