Pushing Up the Daisies

The Colorful Book about Death for Curious Children

Comforting, eye-opening and bursting with life

Uniquely comprehensive: the children’s book that tells you everything about death

In the midst of life

Children are naturally unselfconscious about death. They want to know everything about it. What does dying feel like? What happens to the body? How does a crematorium work and what exactly does an undertaker do?

Before, after, and in between: ‘Pushing up the Daisies’ takes a comprehensive look at everything that happens around someone’s death. Factual and warm-hearted, with a wonderful mix of deep solemnity and tension-relieving wit, it presents exciting rituals, curious deaths, the experiences of a cemetery gardener, the grief of animals and much more.

Following their popular books on sexuality and the body, Katharina von der Gathen and Anke Kuhl turn to another existential theme.