Prayer for the Dead

"There are no few people who see Elisabeth Herrmann as being the best German writer of crime stories. One can understand why!"Brigitte

"A truly good crime novel." - Welt/Literarische Welt

A murder, a mysterious young woman in Tel Aviv, and Vernau on the radar screen of a merciless killer

Berlin 2015: Lawyer Vernau wakes up in the hospital and can remember absolutely nothing. In return for this, he is the hero of Berlin for sending several men packing who were hassling an elderly gentleman in a metro station. But who is the young woman with the Star of David who has been haunting his memory ever since? And what is her connection with the terrible murders taking place not long afterwards?

When Vernau gets too close to the beautiful woman the tide turns and he’s suddenly under suspicion of murder. He can get out of the country in the nick of time. His destination: Tel Aviv. Here, in the bustling metropolis on the Mediterranean, he wants to look for the only person who can clear him of suspicion – and is sucked into the whirlpool of a forgotten crime that took place thirty years ago in a Kibbutz in Israel …