Play Pause Repeat

What pop and its devices tell us about ourselves

“The universalist among contemporary pop critics: His lyrics are a pleasure to read even – and especially – if you’re not as deeply into pop culture as he is.”
Jens Balzer

“Tobi Müller writes about pop music with the necessary seriousness and desire without which art is meaningless.”
Sophie Hunger

An original contemporary story to the soundtrack of our lives
With an accompanying playlist

What pop and its devices inform us about ourselves From the favourite tape in our Walkmans to the right playlist for every mood via a streaming app, we can all tell the stories of our lives through pop-music highlights and the matching playback device. But what if we look at the interplay of music and technology differently, aside from pure entertainment? Tobi Müller explores this complex structure and shows that pop already existed as a phenomenon before there was pop music. Only in combination with technological innovation does its social impact unfold. Play Pause Repeat opens up a radically new look at pop – personal, musically savvy and technologically inspired.