Plant Chemistry

Turn Your Garden Into a Lab

‘From plant-based fertilizer, anti-slug spray to soil-enhancers with plants from your garden. Katja Staring will give you a crash course in plant chemistry.’
Vroege Vogels (radio show)

‘The author is a DIY-er pur sang who knows exactly how to convey her enthusiasm for garden experiments. Her recipes are clear and creative.’
NBD Biblion


Perfect for all those who want to lead a greener life and produce less waste
Learn how to grow and create your own green beauty products and medicine
Beautifully designed full-color interior

A green garden is a treasure chest of natural ingredients. This book is for the DIY-gardener who loves experimenting and likes using the natural cycle of their garden. In this practical book, you will find all the secrets of the active agents in your plants. Mix your own compost and top soil, or brew liquid manure, garlic spray, and anti-itch ointments.
With your own garden’s chemistry, you can feed your plants and fight infestations in a natural way. You can make your own plant-based fertilizer, anti-slug spray, and soil enhancer. Or take your garden’s power into your house by creating organic colorants, all-purpose cleaner, or after-sun cream. Plant Chemistry fits right into a lifestyle of waste-reduction and circular living.