A quirky tale about curiosity, adventurousness, freedom, and breaking down boundarieswith pictures rendered in diverse mixed technique and glowing colours. They show afantastic world with an enterprising protagonist who is full of joie de vivre.
Jury of the White Ravens 2023

A plot as surreal as it is fun, with a critical undertone. The graphic concepts are brimming with originality and combine different techniques to wrap up the guiding thread. This particular coelacanth will captivate readers of all ages.
Canal Lector

You don’t need wings to fly.

FISH is a nonconformist, and neither the sea, nor the land, nor the sky are enough to drown its desire to explore and walk beaches and streets in an ironic hymn to freedom, creativity and the personal development of a crazy coelacanth that lives without the shackles of ‘political correctness’.

Two National Illustration Award winners united for the first time to create a surprising picture book that is an authentic work of art.