Petronella Applesauce series

Bestseller in Germany with more than 250.000 copies sold

Petronella will soon be adapted into a movie and a tv-series!

A little witch by the name of Petronella Applesauce lives in the garden of an old mill. There, inside an apple, she has made a cozy home for herself.

But then one day, Mr. and Mrs. Cakeburner and their two children move into the mill and that’s the end of Petronella’s peace and quiet. In the beginning, the little witch tries to scare the new tenants away. But
then, Lea and Luis discover the magic rope ladder leading to Petronella’s apple and, all of a sudden, they are standing right in the middle of her little house.

Petronella quickly understands that these two are pretty great. It doesn’t take long and the children can really use the hands-on support of their new witch friend: A cake baking competition is about to take place and Lea and Luis want to win by all means. And thanks to Petronella’s help, the odds are not against them.