Peeble, the Elf

Summer Festival in Violet Valley

Welcome to Violet Valley! – Fantasy for 6+ by Nina Blazon

There is a colourful mixture of all sorts of fairy peoples living in Violet Valley, well protected between rugged mountains. Not always do the river elves and the fire fairies agree about everything, but they throw wild parties and have lots of adventures with the flower fairies and stone elves. They’ve always had to be especially careful with the sinister night elves … Or haven’t they? The inquisitive little Pebble is determined to find out what these sinister characters are really like.

Luckily Pebble has some friends like flower fairy Liliane and mini-monster Mino, who are at hand with help and advice!

• A glitzy group of faithful friends and a fast-paced race by the river

• Magically charming illustrations by Billy Bock