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Emma has been taught that to be a Lady Most Excellent she doesn’t have to talk much, she doesn’t have to dance much and, above all, she has to always look perfect. For this reason, when she loses every last hair on her head, she does not hesitate to put herself in her best hands to cover her bald spot. She has no idea of the consequences this will bring her in Le Ville’s conservative society, nor in her own life.

Catalina’s words on the origins of the novel:

«[The idea of the book came (partially)] from a friend who, without knowing why, began to lose her hair. It was not due to medical treatment, and this loss was permanent. When we stop seeing each other, because we lived in different cities, I sometimes thought about her. On how she would handle it. What it would be like to have no hair. In having to live with that and adapt. One day we met on the street, by chance. She wore a scarf of intense colours, green, blue, orange, shaping a turban around her head. I loved it. I saw her and felt her strong, she owned her life and herself.»