Parker has only one week for a new start, a contract and money… A friend invites him to support a young and promising politician as media consultant and speechwriter. This could be his second chance.

Thanks to a bestseller book on coaching, Parker became an internationally renowned rhetoric expert, even working on Obama’s election campaign. But that was a long time ago. Also in his private life, Parker wants a turning point. Since his university times, he has been fleeing his past, his background.

But now the ambitious co-worker of his new client, Anneli Schneider, puts one challenge after another right in front of him.

Matthias Göritz tells a fascinating and abstruse story from a perfidious intrigue, from power and love, from the irresistible temptation of power and its price.

For fans of “House of Cards”, stories of unfathomable love triangles and the price of power.