Pain Free and Flexible into Advanced Age

Movement, sleep, and nutrition – everything important for a long, pain-free life

Stay fit and vibrant into advanced age with the latest, major standard work from Liebscher & Bracht! With the help of their innovative method, the medical doctors, pain specialists and bestselling authors Petra Bracht and Roland Liebscher-Bracht illustrate how we can keep active day after day and guard against pain. Scientific findings on pain therapy, exercise, nutrition, and relaxation are complemented by practical tips and the best self-help exercises for doing at home. This is how to turn back the biological clock and help ensure that you remain pain free, active, and limber well into your later years.

• The new standard work from the Spiegel best-selling authors with over 890,000 books sold

• With greatly simple and effective exercises for doing at home

• With ca. 150 colour photographs and illustrations