Olaf Hajek’s Book on Veggies

An extraordinary book about vegetables: from eggplant to onion

This masterfully illustrated vegetable garden makes even the most picky eater curious to find out – and taste – what’s on their plates.

More and more families place value on local and organic nutrition, but at the same time, in times of fast food and convenience food, fewer and fewer children know what these vegetables actually are that find their way from freezers, cans or glasses onto their plates.

This book is supposed to change that!

Seventeen different types of vegetables are presented in «Olaf Hajek’s Book of Vegetables».

As in his successful picture book «Olaf Hajek’s Book of Flowers», his imaginative and wondrous vegetable portraits are accompanied by interesting and illuminating texts. They tell about when, where and how the vegetables grow in their natural environment and why it is healthy to eat them. Children learn which parts of plants are edible – and that cauliflower is actually a flower, the pumpkin is a fruit and the carrot is a root. Botanical information is next to historical facts and not only children will experience aha experiences.

Hajek‘s art is full of life, populated by insects, birds, fruits and fairytale characters that illustrate the uniqueness of nature. A feast for the eyes for all the senses for children and the fans of Olaf Hajek.

This book is produced in a climate-neutral way.

Vegetable list: onion, garlic, leek; Carrot and parsnip; Beetroot; Potato; Sweet potato; Fennel; Asparagus; Peas and beans; Cucumber, zucchini and pumpkin; Tomato; Aubergine; Paprika; Corn; Spinach and chard; Broccoli; Cauliflower; Radicchio