Olaf Hajek’s Book on Flowers

The magic power of healing plants

In his new children’s book, Olaf Hajek introduces young readers to the world of flowers and healing plants. Hajek‘s pictures, drawn in a folk art style, are full of life, populated by insects, birds, fruits and fairy tale figures, illuminating the uniqueness of nature.

The pictures are accompanied by interesting texts that underline the cultural and medicinal aspects of the plants as well as their use for healing. Thus, children learn which petals in the garden belong to which flower, how iris root can be used as teething aid with babies, and that the seed capsules of poppies led to the invention of the salt grinder. From roses to gillyflowers and marigold to ginger, artichokes and passion flower: Children will see the local and exotic plants in a whole new light and enjoy these wonderful botanical illustrations.

• A non-fiction art title for all ages for children and fans of Olaf Hajek

• The folk art inspired and minutely detailed flower pictures kindle the interest of the children and tell little stories

• Interesting and informative texts on the healing power of flowers and plants