Never say anything

Journalist Sophie Schelling is preparing herself for an ordinary business trip. But there are times when one ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time: Sophie witnesses something she should not have seen.

In this exciting political thriller, Michael Lüders takes us into the dark world of the American drone war. Together with the female protagonist, we are faced with questions about life and death, and with our own conscience: How far should we go in our quest for the truth? Would we sacrifice our future for it? Or would it be better to forget what we know? Sophie gets caught in the web of an all-powerful opponent – until her quest becomes a brutal fight for survival.

An uncanny echo of events in today’s world, the narrative plunges into the dangerous world of secret services and an unfettered morality. The story is told from the perspective of a courageous woman who takes her profession as a journalist a bit too seriously, to the degree that her very life is at stake. The contents are fictional, but similarities with the real world were difficult to avoid!