The Land of Magic Plants

Moody giant trees, a dandelion hero, and three children who embody the force of Nature – welcome to Nelumbiya!

Moody giant trees, a dandelion hero, and a girl with extraordinary powers. Nelumbiya will lure fantasy fans aged 10 or older into a plant world full of wonders and magic.

Tara is an orphan and a thief, who lives in the mountain town of Ornata. There is nothing here but dust, sun and endless fields of useful plants.  It is said that beyond the mountains lies the forbidden land of Nelumbiya, which is covered with wild and dangerous plants that are believed to be harmful to humans. But when the talking Dandelion visits Tara in Ornata, she immediately senses that he wishes her no harm. On the contrary, he warns her about a great danger that is approaching: Askiel, the sinister magician, has returned to Ornata and is hunting for all those people who, like Tara, were born with a plant sign on their skin.

Tara must escape, and she is helped by the baker’s son Seymour and the prince’s daughter Helena. The three friends set out on an adventurous journey to the land of magic plants, hoping to find out what really happened long ago between plants and humans. When Tara discovers the secret powers she has inherited, she makes up her mind that at all costs she must defeat Askiel and thus reunite humans and Nature.