Mystery Game

Crime in Valnebbiosa

Three young friends spend their summer holidays together in a tourist village and during a bike ride they witness a murder but cannot see the culprit in the face. With the help of a local girl, they will investigate what happened and their curiosity will push them to follow possible suspects. They will soon meet the inspector assigned to the case, determined to solve the case.

An exciting and mysterious story, accompanied by quizzes to completely immerse yourself in the story and try to unravel the plots of the crime.

Mystery Game – Crime in Valnebbiosa is a story of mystery and adventure, but it’s also a game, because it will test yours detective skills. Dive into the pages of the story paying close attention to details. Then, relying on reasoning and memory, try to correctly answer the quizzes placed at the end of each chapter; the greater the number of correct answers, the more clues you will get to solve the mystery of the Valnebbiosa crime. Eventually, you will need to draw your own conclusions about the story and respond to five fundamental questions, before reading the epilogue. Only then will you find out if your assumptions are correct, and if you have what it takes to be a real detective!