Myself and the Others

How Modern Pluralisation Changes Us All

Diversity changes all of us, whether we like it or not.

We live in a pluralised society. There is no way back. But what is a pluralised society in the first place?
And what does it mean for people to live in one?

No one these days can live in their culture as if it were unique. In mixed societies, cultures stand side by side. There is no indisputable culture or affiliation any more. The outsider’s perspective –
that things might always be different, that you might be or believe something else, or live differently – is now part of every culture. And this change affects every individual. It changes the relation to the community, to one’s own identity.

The philosopher Isolde Charim applies her thesis to various social issues: from politics on integration to the definition of the concept of home and debates about religious symbols.