My little polar bear

"Minimalist, thoughtful piece" -  Kirkus

"Clothed in a quiet, thoughtful tone, an ode to a questioning disposition and scientific observation, this is a lovely introduction to the largest carnivore on land." - School Library Journal.

"What a lovely, gentle reminder that adults are there to teach and protect children until they are ready to stand on their own." - A Book and a Hug

This quintessential love book for parent and child — a standout in the genre — promises to become a perennial favorite for generations to come.

A winter wonderland awaits a young polar bear cub that emerges from its den for the first time. As the cub sets out on a dramatic arctic journey, it worries whether it has the skills to survive. But a parent’s abiding presence and simple, reassuring words instill confidence and love.

In the tradition of such classics as THE RUNAWAY BUNNY and MAMA DO YOU LOVE ME?, this graceful, soothing tale speaks to the powerful bond between parent and child, and to the many stages of a child’s growing independence, from first steps to first school experience and even to leaving home.