My friend Salim

Highly topical: Hannes and his sister Tammi are confronted with the refugee situation when they meet a boy from Syria.

Although Hannes and his sister Tammi don’t always agree about things, brother and sister stick together when it matters.
Like when a ghost train has to be built for the school festival. Or when a new boy appears in their lives and changes everything. He is called Salim and he doesn’t speak a word of German. But Hannes and Tammi don’t care: they know that friends don’t need to speak the same language to be able to understand each other.
Gradually, the pair learns why it is that Salim always stands by the school fence on his own. And sometimes hides in cupboards. And why he’s so dreadfully afraid. Salim is a refugee from Syria. On the long journey to Europe he has lost the most important thing of all: his family.