Mummy, don’t scream

Staying loving under stress, anger, and drastic emotional states

My child makes me angry: a perennial issue among parents

With practical exercises that strengthen a parent's relationship with the child

Competently dealing with anger and impulsiveness in raising children

«Now that’s enough!» Hardly anyone makes parents as angry as their own children. This is often because excessive anxiety, vulnerability, irritability, and other stress reactions can come to hold sway over everyday family life. These emotionally tinged states quickly lead parents to behave quite differently from how they intend.

This book, with its many ideas for self-reflection, helps parents recognise when they are thinking as mature adults and when they have simply fallen into subconscious behavioural patterns. Through such awareness parents will be able to approach children at eye level, to establish a relationship with them, and together to search for solutions that are satisfying to everyone.